To add a new request for a partner, select Partner Request on the date you need a partner then fill in the form.

To see the contact information for an existing Partner Request, select See Contact Info and use our password.

You may also contact Patty Massler at (541)588-0767 for help finding a partner.

Bend Bridge Partner Calendar

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DateSpecial GameNameAction
03-21-2018Partner Request
03-22-2018Partner Request
  03-22-2018Greg SchweizerSee Contact Info
03-23-2018Partner Request
03-26-2018Partner Request
03-27-2018Ace of HeartsPartner Request
03-28-2018Pro-Am GamePartner Request
03-29-2018Partner Request
03-30-2018Swiss TeamsPartner Request
04-02-2018Club ChampionshipPartner Request
04-03-2018Ace of HeartsPartner Request
04-04-2018Partner Request
04-05-2018Partner Request
04-06-2018Partner Request
04-09-2018Partner Request
04-10-2018Ace of HeartsPartner Request
04-11-2018Partner Request
04-12-2018Partner Request
04-13-2018Partner Request
04-16-2018Partner Request
04-17-2018Ace of HeartsPartner Request
04-18-2018Charity GamePartner Request
04-19-2018Partner Request
04-20-2018Partner Request
04-23-2018Partner Request